EVE Fire & EMS (Pre-Hospital)

MHEC Inc. has partnered with DT4EMS to provide these nationally recognized courses to the Great Lakes Region! These programs have gained national recognition and have featured in many articles and conference throughout the country. We are honored to be part of such a great program and are excited to offer these programs locally and regionally through our education center.

Focus: All levels of pre-hospital providers and firefighters

Length: 16 hour (Two Day Course)

16 MDHHS CE Credits Approved!

Workplace Violence in Emergency Medicine is no doubt an epidemic. That is a FACT.

  • FACT: Almost daily your EMS, Fire or Emergency Department staff are threatened, yelled at or physically assaulted by a patient, upset family member or bystander.
  • FACT: You understand, according to several studies, injuries from assaults are leading cause for lost work hours in the fields of emergency medicine.
  • FACT: We understand you are concerned about the response you or your provider would use in these particularly stressful incidents.

Objective: To empower cultural and behavioral modification through the enforcement of exemplary customer service, reasonability, and industry best practices that yield a reduction in employer liability and culminate in an increase employee safety and security.

EVE Healthcare Provider

The healthcare industry leads all other sectors in the incidence of nonfatal workplace assaults, and the emergency department is a particularly vulnerable setting. Workplace violence is a significant occupational hazard facing emergency nurses

Make sure to learn about us to find out why DT4EMS EVE is named an “Industry Best Practice”.

Focus: All levels of the in-hospital/home-health patient care setting (RN,LPN,MD,Techs,CNA)

Length: 8-hours

Every participant, upon successful completion of the course, will receive a course review CD and special online access to the student area containing review material that can be accessed 24/7.

Escaping Violent Encounters for Women

Focus: Women and young ladies age 13 and up.
Length: 8-hours

The frequency of assault on our sisters, wives, mothers and daughters is alarming. Many women have anecdotal stories of how they were attacked by a person they know or a stranger. While most attacks are not life-threatening, the risk of serious injury is evident and unpredictable. Women and young ladies need an effective and reasonable plan on how to avoid an attack, and also know how to defend themselves and escape once attacked. You and your female family members require a reasonable, liability-conscious, effective means of preventing and avoiding rape, abduction, and assault by persons known and unknown.

Escaping Violent Encounters for Educational Professionals
Saving Yours, So You Can Teach Others

Focus: Education Staff (Teachers, Secretaries, Professors, TA’s, etc)
Length: 8-hours

DT4EMS and MHEC Inc. has partnered to provide a unique course that has gained national attention in the educational communities all across the country. The DT4EMS EVE4EP course is designed to educate our educators in situational safety to a whole new level of understanding and protection. This one day course offers 8 hours of hands on scenario and stimulating lecture in personal protection.