EMS Education


International Trauma Life Support Courses give you the knowledge and hands-on skills to take better care of trauma patients. The ITLS framework is a global standard that enables you to master the latest techniques in rapid assessment, appropriate intervention and identification of immediate life-threatening injuries.


This course is designed to provide the student with the core skills necessary to sustain life, prevent further injury and reduce pain at the scene of an emergency until more advanced help arrives. The MHEC MFR (EMR at NAEMT Level) course covers basic safety at the scene of an emergency, fundamentals of patient assessment, basic airway control methods, emergency splinting and hemorrhage control and other specialty topics.


The purpose of this course is to advance your level of licensure and prepare you to respond to medical emergencies and provide on-scene treatment, stabilization and ambulance transport of ill or injured patients at the EMT level. This course will take you from the Michigan MFR to the EMT level.

Critical Care Medic

This course is a combination of online and instructor lead learning. MDCH requires 36 hours of CCP specific training to meet Critical care status in the State of Michigan. Our program is designed to exceed that with 50 hours of classroom and practical time with nearly 50 hours of online learning management.

NREMT Medic Transistion

NREMT Paramedic Transition Course

This course will prepare you for the new National Scope of Practice Standards and is required for NREMT renewal purposes over the next few years.

MDCH Continuing Education

Monthly MDCH approved continuing education credits for EMS personnel. Check our schedule for the most up to date listings.