AED/LifeVac Sales

MHEC is a full line vendor for Zoll, Phillips, and Lifepak products!  If you are in need of a new AED, replacement patches, or batteries, please contact us for a quote today!

AED Rental

If you are in need of an AED for a special event, MHEC has you covered with short and long term rentals.  Contact us today for a quote!

AED Accessories


LifeVac is a professional/lay-person rescue device that is designed to be used when the Heimlich maneuver has failed or you are not able to perform do to the chocking persons size, being pregnant, or wheel chair dependent.  The LifeVac can also be used as a self rescue device.  With choking being the forth (4th) leading cause of accidental death, order your LifeVac today and be ready to Save-a-Life!




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